First Time Guests

We want your first visit to the Care Center to be a positive experience for you and your family. Learn about what to expect during your first visit and what to bring with you to help us best serve you.

Welcome to the Care Center!

We would love for you and your family to come to the Care Center and want to make your first visit a great and helpful experience.


• Because of the pandemic, food is distributed through curbside pickup.

• The check-in process is done through text message. Text "FOOD" to 224-427-3444 and click on the menu link to make your food selections.

• You can check in while you're in line, or before you come to the Care Center the day of your visit. 

• Please stay in your vehicle. Volunteers will load the groceries into your trunk. 



Care Team
• We recommend first time visitors to the Care Center to meet with the Care Team. The Care Team is a group of specially trained volunteers who will listen to your story, identify your needs and offer next steps to help you toward a better path. The Care Team can connect you to resources at the Care Center and Willow Creek Community church, as well as refer you to other organizations with services that meet your needs. Ask a volunteer if you'd like to meet with the Care Team.