Tax Preparation

Serve moderate to low income families by preparing their income taxes free of cost.

The Care Center partners with the VITA (Volunteer Income Tax Assistance) program to provide free tax services to low and moderate income families in the community. Volunteers will prepare and file state and federal income taxes, putting more money back into the pockets of hardworking families. Each volunteer will undergo a training process to equip them for the tax season.

The VITA program runs from February to April and volunteers can choose shift times that fit their schedule.


There are two roles as a part of the VITA program:


Tax Preparer
Responsibilities include preparing and reviewing federal and state income tax returns for low and moderate income individuals and families using software provided by the IRS. Basic knowledge of state and federal tax laws is a plus. Tax preparers must pass an IRS certification exam in order to prepare tax returns. Annual certification is required. Training is provided by the Care Center after you complete the IRS self study program (10-30 hours). Ability to speak Spanish is helpful but not required.

Responsibilities include welcoming guests; ensuring guests brought all necessary documents; and coordinating guest to tax preparer match ups. Qualifications include a pleasant personality and organizational skills. Ability to speak Spanish is helpful but not required.

Click HERE if you are interested in volunteering with the VITA program.