Start Serving

Sign up for a serving role at the Care Center.

Due to the pandemic, we are currently only onboarding volunteers in select areas. See our top volunteer needs page.

We rely on our incredible volunteers to serve our guests through a variety of Care Center programs, and would love to help you get connected to a serving role that fits your gifts and interests.

If you aren’t yet sure what program or ministry you would like to be a part of, sign up for an upcoming Care Center Volunteer Orientation. This orientation, which includes a tour, will help you learn more about the Care Center’s mission and values and all current volunteer opportunities. You will have a chance to sign up for the program area that you feel most excited about at the end of orientation.  If you are considering volunteering in multiple Care Center programs and are having a hard time picking a direction, our staff members at Volunteer Orientation can help you discern which role best suits you. Check the calendar below to see upcoming orientations.

If you already know which Care Center program area you would like to join as a volunteer, you can sign up for the volunteer onboarding process directly on that program area’s page. Click HERE to see all the Care Center programs.

Willow Creek Community Church’s desire is to create a safe and welcoming atmosphere for all who walk through our doors. We seek qualified volunteers for all ministries by screening potential volunteers through a required protection application process. This process includes a background and reference check. You must clear the protection process before you begin volunteering.

Upcoming Volunteer Orientations