English as a Second Language (ESL)

    • Do you need to learn or improve your English language skills?
    • Would improving your language skills help you get a better job or position?
    Would you like to communicate better at work, home, public places or with friends?

The Care Center offers ESL classes to improve your English skills, help you understand the American culture, and give you a taste of Christian community.

Beginner: Students develop basic English vocabulary, pronunciation and grammar. Time is spent on reading, writing and conversation. Class is fun and student participation is encouraged.

Intermediate: Students develop more advanced English skills in speaking, listening, reading and writing. The class will also help students grow their cultural understanding. Students will work independently and with each other on various activities in a fun, safe environment.

Advanced: Students practice their English through writing and conversation. Class focuses on real life situations to help students work toward fluency. Students will learn to communicate more clearly and correctly, opening up more opportunities for themselves professionally and personally.

  • English is taught in a relaxed, safe, and informal environment.
  • Teachers are kind and love to help students improve their English skills.
  • Classes are held every day of the week to accommodate your schedule.
  • Students are encouraged to take as many classes as their time allows according to their skill level.
  • Lessons are relevant to students’ needs and interests.
  • ESL Bible study and small group for spiritual growth and community support are available.
  • Child care is available in the Kids Zone for the morning classes.

We’re committed to help you improve your language skills and help you understand the American culture in a Christian supporting environment. The ESL program is a warm lively community where you will have the opportunity to learn and practice the English language and gain relational and social support. This program will also connect you to many resources available at the church and the Care Center that may benefit you in many ways.

Eligibility: Everyone who is interested in improving his or her English language is invited.