If you are struggling to feed your family, you are not alone. And it’s really okay to ask for help. In today’s economy, people are forced to make tough choices. Choices like whether to pay the electric bill, fill their prescriptions, or feed their family—choices that can seem overwhelming. But there is hope. At the Care Center you’ll find food for your table—and so much more. Volunteers will welcome you, listen to your story, and offer encouragement for the future, as well as practical help for today.


Emergency food is available to any individual or family who is in need.

  • Your family may come to the Care Center once a month for groceries, free of charge.
  • You will receive enough food for about one week.
  • Fresh fruit, vegetables, dairy, and meat are usually available, in addition to canned or boxed food.
  • In-season produce is grown at Willow Creek’s Giving Garden.
  • You may return each week for bread.
  • Food comes from the Greater Chicago Food Depository and many other partners.


To receive groceries, please bring:

  • Photo ID.
  • Proof of your address, current within 30 days—this can be your most recent utility bill, mortgage statement, bank statement, etc.

More Help

To find other food pantries near you, please visit feedingillinois.org.

SNAP Outreach

SNAP (Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program) is operated by the US Department of Agriculture, and helps provide healthy food for families in need.

To check on your eligibility for SNAP, use the SNAP Eligibility Calculator.
For more information, please call the Greater Chicago Food Depository at (773) 843-5416 and ask for the SNAP Outreach Program. Or click HERE to learn more.